Starting From The Beginning With E Cigs

The following article is going to feature electronic cigarette reviews including summaries of the top brands. I’ll also touch on disposables and rechargeable starter kits, plus eGos you could try for 2017. This isn’t a top-ten list, although I favor a number of brands.

Top Brands

You’ve probably seen many charts which place South Beach Smoke, Halo, and V2 at the top. Dismiss Vaporfi just for the minute. A new vaper gets the same batteries from South Beach Smoke, a sister company of theirs, but with more choices of a starter kit. South Beach Smoke kits also contain pre-filled cartomizers whereas Vaporfi is more interested in graduated devices. Their clearomizer bundle doesn’t resemble a cigarette nearly as well as the basic mini cig style so reassuring to recent smokers.

Most people associate Halo starter kits with vivid hues, but they also make the traditional white-and-tan e-cig configuration if you want it. Their G6 is a long-lasting device producing sufficient vapor for the class it’s in. V2 makes a high-quality “Classic” battery in white, silver, blue, pink, or black, plus the ‘EX’ which features shinier colors and lovely patterns. Together, they represent several sizes of battery, automatic or manual operation, and a number of starter kits. Branded disposables are great tasting compared with generic ones.

New Ecig Shapes

For some vapers, shape and size are critical. They can’t handle anything bigger than a cigarette-type device or a product that resembles something completely different. That could change, but in the first weeks, these consumers who recently quit smoking usually need familiarity. The VERTX by V2 and PAX Labs’ JUUL are totally different, yet they offer the same simplicity in spite of their unusual appearances. Both items adopt a narrow shape, closer to that of a memory stick, produce excellent vapor for their size and battery power, and feature refilled cartridges. The JUUL is lauded among tech lovers. V2’s VERTX supplies two versions, one with a swipe screen for varying voltage. In spite of this addition, a total newcomer could use it.

Disposable E Cigs

White Cloud made the very best disposable e cigs for the price; their “Fling” which cost about $6 online or less when consumers purchased large bundles of disposables. Now, they have changed their disposable to a “wide” Fling for $12.95 with a wide-top, similar to that of an herbal vaporizer. Every flavor they make is available including Bora Bora and Apache (two types of tobacco), Espresso, Muscat, and the Hive (honey). Online shoppers have access to 5.4% and several levels right down to 0% nicotine.

Other companies like V2 and South Beach Smoke retain the simplicity of a cigarette-like disposable, and that’s what is most appealing to a skeptical newcomer. Vaping one of these is like smoking a cigarette but for the toxin-free flavor and lack of ash. Flavors are mild and sweet yet emulate those of tobacco or menthol. These items cost around $10 each with some deals available. 21st Century Smoke is another good brand for disposables, and they make very simple rechargeable kits as well.

Starter Kits Reviewed

Disposables make life simple. Usually, there aren’t too many options — just tobacco, menthol, and possibly two nicotine levels. That’s the story online and in stores much of the time. With starter kits, choices can be overwhelming. If you find that’s true, Apollo simplifies matters with their mini cig kit in two flavors. Halo’s kit offers a single configuration of two batteries and five cartomizers, but pre-filled or blank.

Vaporfi offers one starter kit for each of their many models of e cigs, eGos, and advanced devices. If you dislike being hit with too much selection, choose Vaporfi at any level including their excellent Pro. When you shop here, Vaporfi provides the opportunity to slowly progress to higher-level devices and various types of e-juice. With e-cigs (cigalikes or eGos) it’s advisable to choose Vaporfi’s basic, low-vegetable glycerin e juice so as not to clog simple coils.