Finding Your Feet With E Cigs

Some vaping companies are no longer in existence, or they have downgraded from a full-blown website to promoting products on Facebook. NJOY just went bankrupt. Triple 7 is gone. Nutricigs appears to be a thing of the past and Eversmoke was absorbed by Vaporfi. Bloog no longer runs a website.

Why This Matters

When new vapers or potential vapers are exploring the internet for brands of e-cigs, they often turn to e cigarette reviews for inspiration. The problem is that many of them boast a date from one month ago, but their information is stale in the extreme. You can’t always trust a review page; not when the firms they show in their top-ten ceased operations in 2015 or earlier.

Where to Get Your Information

A new vaper is going to learn about e cigs from a few sources. Electronic cigarette reviews are not all bad; there is often useful information, especially as it pertains to vaping in general. New vapers will discover definitions of popular terms and learn what an e-cig is comprised of.

Forums about electronic cigarettes are dated. Read the dates, and you can see if information posted here is current. Ask questions, and other readers/contributors will happily help you along. The vaping community is pretty close-knit.

Talk to people who vape. They can at least give you a few names to try and advice on where to find the best gear for a new consumer. Explore general online vape stores for ideas. Sometimes they carry very small mini cigs like the e Roll from China’s Joyetech. Even a corner store can help. These shops and gas stations usually stock some kind of disposable electronic cigarette. After trying the one-time device, you could be inspired to buy a rechargeable starter kit.

Choosing a Brand

Many United States customers want to support US brands; it is an ethical thing for them. It does not seem to matter that Chinese factories make virtually every electronic cigarette the world over. Top brands have remained the same for some years. Read the top-5 and you are pretty safe. Any reviews with 777 in them should be ignored — these are old. Mig Cig is included in many recent lists. The best five brands are usually as follows no matter whether the list is from 2014, 2015, or 2016:

• Vaporfi
• V2
• Halo
• South Beach Smoke
• Green Smoke

Other brands that might be featured in this list of the best five e cigs could be Apollo, Mig Cig, or JUUL. The last of these is another recent revelation to the vaping world, and a list where JUUL stands out is a recent one.

Selecting the Best Features

What are you trying to achieve? Do you seek a colorful alternative to drab cigarettes? Halo, V2, and Green Smoke sell patterned or colored electronic cigarettes. South Beach Smoke and Vaporfi stick with a cigarette-like appearance for their mini cig.

Would you like a selection of starter kits? South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, and V2 offer a few options within each class of e cig. Halo and Vaporfi, however, stick with just one kit. Apollo no longer makes more than one cigalike kit. White Cloud offers three choices, and BluCig makes a few sets.

Of all the vape firms here, Vaporfi and Mig Cig carry the widest variety of products from mini cigs to mods. They also carry herbal vaporizers. Eonsmoke is another company which extends your choice of technology and power. At Halo and South Beach Smoke, the list has expanded. For example, South Beach Smoke makes two colorful sets including the shapely Curve eGo-type device.

E-Juice and Cartomizers

Choose a firm that sells quality e juice and you will achieve one-stop shopping. Smokeless Image sells their own brand of e-juice and filled cartomizers, but also selections from NicQuid, a reputable firm working to high standards from a US lab. Vaporfi also makes their own e-liquid in Florida under strict controls. Halo makes an amazing assortment of top-quality e-liquids.

Write E Cigarette Reviews

When you come across a business that serves you well, take time to write reviews. There are two good reasons for this. One is to help other consumers find devices of high quality, excellent customers service, and fresh, tasty e liquid. That’s how many shoppers discovered that Green Smoke e-liquid is always fresh-tasting. Furthermore, firms will give their loyal customers points for writing reviews they approve of. The extra points help you pay for the next set of batteries you need for a set, like the Rocket or Pro at Vaporfi.