E Cigarette Brands Follow The Trends

When e-cigs were new to the US, there was just one choice. That was the cigalike, and even though two or three sizes became available plus multiple models, they were the same to all intents and purposes. Adding a button and calling one of them “manual” sounded like a high-tech advancement. Developers probably knew that electronics-lovers would not only be happy to press buttons but would, in fact, prefer it.

Vapers Love Buttons

Whenever a gadget comes with any type of adjustment option, operators play with controls whether they need to or not. They desire control over every device, and one button is rarely enough. When eGos were released, any fears that smokers might turn their noses up would soon be lost in a cloud of vapor.

Electronic Cigarette Brands Update the E Cig

When Joyetech’s eGo came out, American vape brands were quick to copy it or even order their issue of the same device re-branded. The Triton by Halo features proprietary threading, and Vapor4Life put their own spin on the technology. Firms were keen to enhance the vaping experience.

Trouble in Paradise

But many people experienced safety issues. Relative to those who vaped trouble-free, these numbers were small, but the media blew the situation out of proportion. Vapers were destroying devices, usually when they mistreated them. Manufacturers, brands, and the e cig business were held responsible, and to a point they were. In a world of untried science, batteries recharged overnight in wall sockets and started fires in homes. People sustained injuries from exploding batteries.

As devices grew more powerful, however, the problem was often seated with a class of trouble-makers who failed or neglected to consider the danger they posed to anyone near them. An exploding battery could send shrapnel in any direction; innocent bystanders could be maimed. These people pulsed a battery to make it continue pumping out power when the maximum had been reached, but such foolishness wasn’t to come until eGos evolved into APVs and box mods.

Enhanced Power

While customers praised Halo and Vapor4Life for their next-level electronics, Vaporfi was just getting started, and they had more in mind than two e cigs for beginners. Their first advanced mods eventually led to the development of the Rocket and the Rebel which would encourage vapers to consider vaping at an even more powerful level. The clearomizers for these devices contained more sophisticated coils. Controls invited more interaction or launched more energetic, hotter vapor production. Consumers were starting to use thicker e juices now that coils could take their viscosity.

The Vamo was released before this time and also a successful device known as the Joyetech eVic with a revolutionary screen. Apollo and Volcano both released VTubes; cylindrical mods with screens and control buttons for varying wattage. Innokin’s VV pillar battery was launched to wide acclaim. All of these units expanded the benefits of a variable voltage eGo with a dial at the base and turned them into bigger devices, some with removable batteries. Both VTubes worked with removable batteries.

Research and Development teams didn’t stop there. The eVic’s shape changed. It lost the rounded top in favor of a straight, cylindrical shape. The screen’s graphics were updated. VTubes adopted the same shape. Meanwhile, manufacturers added variable wattage as well as variable voltage which simplified matters. With VV, one had to calculate power against the resistance of a coil. With VW, that was calculated automatically.

When box-shaped e-cigs were first released, they added still more power and size, and they were quite definitely “boxes” with sharp corners and straight edges. This was the arena where developers had the most fun with their ideas.

Box Mods Materialize

Designers realized it was possible to veer away from the typical metal box and start employing rubber, a lighter aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, wood, and hardened plastics. Mods changed shape and became ergonomic. Corners were rounded and edges softened for a more comfortable grip.

Battery doors underwent significant change. For a while, they were opened and closed with screws. This was a long and frustrating process. Soon, magnets were introduced, some sliding doors, and screw-in caps.

The control center was always important and was enhanced for safety at this time. Makers of chipsets still compete to produce the most sophisticated examples which prevent the dangers noted above like overheating a battery. One’s mod won’t short circuit or suffer from low voltage if it’s a brand-name device by the likes of SMOK or Innokin. Meanwhile, this mod is sure to be stylish.